Rathlin Writers

The Call

The call came he was there
The challenge was great but would he dare
To cast aside all hesitations
To take his chance, no reservations

To seize and forge the dream he sought
Indifference around he fought and fought
To make his world a better place
To live content with God’s great grace

A man who faced all-conquering seas
Yet rose again to fortune seize
The battles fought his liberation
The prize achieved his jubilation

With mediocrity all around
A man like this can still astound
We grieve and remember him
And his almighty heart within

Mary Cecil

Obituary of Tommy Cecil


The Harsh Winds of Rathlin: Stories of Rathlin Shipwrecks by Tommy Cecil. ISBN 0-948154-65-9

Rathlin’s Rugged Story: from an Islander’s Perspective by Augustine McCurdy. ISBN 0-948154-54-6. Rathlinman’s books

A History of the Island of Rathlin by Mrs Gage. ISBN 0-948154-87-X

Flora of Rathlin Island by Margaret J Dickson

Rathlin: Its Island Story by Wallace Clark. ISBN 0-948154-76-4

Birds of Rathlin by Gerry Bond

Rathlin Island: As I Knew It by Alex Morrison. ISBN 0-948154-33-11-11

Rathlin Island and the Modern World (ebook) by W Forsythe


The Friends of Rathlin Island by Stewart Dalby. ISBN 0-9780954423391

Turbulent Priests by Colin Bateman. ISBN: 0-9780006498018

Rathlin Writers Festival

3 thoughts on “Rathlin Writers

  1. Ciarán Ó Duibhín 2017-06-11 / *

    Re Rathlin Writers

    Some books about Rathlin hardly mention the people at all! Notable exceptions are those by Augustine McCurdy and Alex Morrison, both natives and both now deceased. Some other books worth reading are:

    Rathlin Island North of Antrim, Hugh Alexander Boyd, 1947

    Sea Wrack, Mary Campbell, 1951

    Rathlin, Island of Blood and Enchantment, Michael J Murphy, 1987

    Rathlin Island, an archaeological survey of a maritime landscape, Wes Forstthe and Rosemary McConkey, 2012.



  2. ptarmi 2012-01-14 / *

    For anyone who may be interested, I wrote a song back in 1997, ‘Rathlin Ferry’, as a tribute to Tommy & I’ve just posted it as a video on YouTube:


  3. Barb [McCurdy]Kendrick 2011-10-19 / *

    I am trying to locate Augustine McCurdy,local historian. My name is Barbara [McCurdy] Kendrick from Illinois,U.S.A. Family very interested in family history from Ireland,would love to get in contact.


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